Directorate of the Congregation's Kindergarten

The Kindergarten Directorate is responsible for the affairs of the Kindergarten of the German Congregation in Finland in cooperation with the Kindergarten Management. It meets monthly, prepares the budget, decides on the admission of children, ensures that contact is maintained with the German School Helsinki (DSH), the City of Helsinki and other authorities—and is a constant link to the other bodies in the congregation.

  • Statutes of the Kindergarten of the German Evangelical Lutheran Congregation in Finland


Members of the Kindergarten Directorate (2022)

Rita Luomakoski, Chair

Andreas Jank, parent representative

Karoliina Karjalainen

Ewald Kibler, parent representative

Julia Lattu, representative of the German School Helsinki (DSH)

Lead pastor Tina Meyn

Ulla Sarin, parent representative

Sonja Semmelmayr