Epiphany service in Helsinki

Fri 6/1 11:00
View up to the Christ Star in the German Church in Helsinki.

German Church

Cordial invitation to the Epiphany service with Pastor Hans–Christian Beutel.

Infected by divine light… there are people, places or moments that have a very special radiance. They are filled with something that cannot remain hidden. The feast of the Epiphany speaks of the strong radiance that emanated from Jesus' birth. 

The image of this is the bright star that led three wise men from the Orient to the manger. They recognised the light that rose with Jesus above the darkness of the world. Even today, people are struck by its rays. They penetrate the farthest corners of the world and stop at no border. "God has given us a bright light in our hearts," says Paul. Those who feel this light within themselves become light bearers. He cannot keep the message to himself, but is so filled with God's love that he shines from within.

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Helsinki • Helsingfors, German Congregation in Finland