Service and Children's Church on Sunday Sexagesimä in Helsinki

Sun 12/2 11:00 – 12:00
Detail in the stained glass window of the German Church in Helsinki.

Parish hall

A warm invitation to the service on Sunday Sexagesimä with Pastor Hans–Christian Beutel in the parish hall in Helsinki. Children's church in the fireside room at the same time!

"What I don't hear, that wasn't said." Children are excellent at this: ears closed, tuned out. But listening is often difficult for us too.

How much more difficult when it comes to God's word. And then it hits us again suddenly, abruptly, right in the heart. The Word of God and its effect are at the centre of Sexagesimae Sunday. Sometimes it is sharp, painful and dividing like a sword, then again it seems to have no effect, but settles down and grows in silence. God scatters the message of his love generously. Even if we ignore it: It is for us. It is up to us to take it seriously. But one thing is certain: the good news does not remain without effect. Like Lydia, who, inspired by God's word, became the first Christian in Europe.

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