Family ceremonies and funerals

The church helps with joy and sorrow in life. We offer weddings, baptisms and funerals in many languages. Also the blessing of the new home.

… I will weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who laugh …
according to Romans 12, 15

Baptism, confirmation, wedding or funeral service… your direct contact, leaflet, form and details on ceremony, booking and hire.

There are four events in most people's lives, special turning points in their lives, when they may come into contact with church: Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage and Funeral. On the one hand, these occasions are referred to as so-called casuals or casual acts (Latin: casus = case). In the background there is an event, the specific life situation… but on the other hand we also like to speak of 'official acts'. This expresses the perspective of the pastor when a pastoral, ecclesiastical service is requested from him.

Other official acts are support for church entry, re–entry, church membership after a change of residence, booking and renting the church and the church premises… we are always there for you.