Music is part of life!

To happy as well as sad life, to moving as well as quiet life. And making music belongs to our congregation—as does listening to music. In choirs and instrumental groups, making music together brings us joy and exhilaration. How happy it is when the music begins to sound good, when expression comes into it, when statement and feeling radiate. How it awakens the body. And how good the fellowship feels.

The choir and instrumental music of the congregation can be heard in church services and concerts. Music also becomes a message: praise of God, prayer and biblical texts find expression in music. Music expresses joy and sorrow in a directly touching way, it comforts, it does good to body and soul. Welcome to listen and make music!

… wake up, harp and strings! I will awaken the dawn …
Psalmi 57:2

The choirs and instrumental groups of our congregation

The German–Finnish Choir

Our 'Saksalais-suomalainen kuoro' rehearses on Wednesdays 6.30-9 pm in the parish hall, Unioninkatu 1 in Helsinki. Interested and experienced singers are welcome! The 'Deutsch–Finnischer Chor' (DFC), founded in 1970 with the aim of making German language and culture known in Finland through music, sings German sacred music—from motets to oratorios—as well as works by European composers and secular music from the Renaissance to the modern age, from Finland, Germany and the world.

The choir sings concerts and in church services in the German Church in Helsinki, and in Turku Cathedral during Advent. On its concert tours, the DFC again brings Finnish music and culture to Germany and countries in Northern Europe. The 35 singers are German and Finnish, and rehearsals are held in both languages. The choir director since 2018 is Agnes Goerke.

Up-to-date information can also be found on the choir's website: www.dfc.fiThe link opens in a new tab

Trombone Choir of the Congregation

The trombone choir plays at church services, community events and festivals, at the lantern parade, and in the Christmas concerts. Trumpets, tenor horn, baritone, trombone and tuba are all part of the choir. The small, very committed group practices on Tuesdays 6-8 pm in the parish hall in Helsinki, Unioninkatu 1.

New players are welcome! The leader is Richard Altemeier, email

Vocal Ensemble of the Congregation

Our vocal ensemble practices on a project basis and sings motets and cantatas in church services. Contact Agnes Goerke.

Children's Choir

The children's choir of our congregation rehearses on Thursdays from 4–4.45 pm with 15 children aged 4 to 7. Playful learning of new songs and singing with lots of movement and fun. The children's choir also sings in some church services and performs the nativity play on Christmas Eve. Contact Agnes Goerke.

Flute Ensemble

As a quartet or trio, recorder players meet on a project basis to provide musical accompaniment for church services. Contact Agnes Goerke.

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