Saying goodbye

A blessing, funeral service, burial or burial… the opportunity to say goodbye to a loved one. In Finland, the blessing often takes place a few weeks later. The relatives can contact a funeral home—everything can be arranged there… or you can contact the parish directly.

The congregation's office can help with all practical matters: booking the German Church for the blessing, reserving the parish hall or fireside room for the funeral service, pastor and cantor. It is often clarified in this context in which language the blessing is desired. If necessary, the deacon can also come.

Before the blessing, a so–called mourning talk is held, in which the relatives can tell the pastor about the life of the deceased person.

Our parish does not have its own cemetery, but our parishioners have access to individual grave sites in Malmi, Hietaniemi and Maunula. Most of these are urn plots. Graves cannot be reserved as family graves either. You can get more information about this at the congregation's office.

Within 3 months in Finland the so-called 'perunkirjoitus' (estate register) must be made for the tax authorities. For the register, the life of the deceased person must be traced back to the age of 15 by means of official certificates. The certificates are ordered from the congregation's office or from all municipalities (or central registers) in which the person was registered. The processing time is currently a few weeks.

Illustration of a cross for the obituary