The Church Council (KR)

The Church Council determines the operational work of the congregation. All committees, directorates, advisory boards and boards of the congregation are represented on the KR, ensuring good communication between them, the staff and the church council. The Church Council meets monthly—its meetings are not open to the public.

The eight members of the Church Council are elected by the KBV to manage the work of the administration and finances of the German Congregation in Finland, negotiate contracts and largely organise staffing. The Church Council is chaired by the lead pastor.

  • Agendas and minutes of the Church Council
  • Constitution of the Church Council of the German Evangelical Lutheran Congregation in Finland


Members of the Church Council (2021-2022)

Their personal substitutes (Suppleants) are listed in brackets:

Lead pastor Tina Meyn (Harriet Liisanantti), Chairperson

Pastor Hans–Christian Beutel (Holger Petersen)

Maiju Boenisch (Luise Liefländer–Leskinen)

Norbert Erdmann (Bernd Oldendorff)

Lars Hellström (Thomas Lindner)

Eric Rieger (Yann Kempf)

Gudrun Sentzke (Johan von Knorring)


Finance Committee (FA), Finance Department

Lars Hellström, Chair

Maiju Boenisch

Lead pastor Tina Meyn

Eric Rieger


Coat of arms of the German Congregation in Finland