The Church Plenipotentiary Assembly (KBV)

The Assembly of Church Plenipotentiaries is the highest decision–making body of the German Congregation in Finland. The 'KBV' meets two to four times a year—the meetings are open to the public.

The administration of a church congregation is similar to that of a city. The KBV is the highest decision–maker, while the planning, preparation and implementation of individual matters lies with the advisory boards and committees of the various ministries. The KBV of the German Congregation consists of 15 members who jointly decide on the action plan, budget, building projects, establishment of ministries, etc., and elect some of the staff—such as pastor and cantor.

  • Agendas and minutes of the KBV
  • Rules of Procedure for the Church Plenipotentiary Assembly of the German Evangelical Lutheran Congregation in Finland

Members of the KBV (2023–2027)

Johanna Albert

Philip Aminoff

Christine Bürklin

Norbert Erdmann

Jan Feller

Oliver Jarde

Jochen Kruska

Luise Liefländer–Leskinen

Urs–Christian Lüscher

Jyri Luomakoski

Kristel Rapeli

Riikka–Mari Salonen

Alexander Sannemann

Traute Stude

Johan von Knorring


Alternates (in the following order)

Jochen vom Brocke

Hans–Christian Daniel

Yann Pfau–Kempf

Maiju Boenisch

Lars Hellström

Bernard Ruh

Richard Altemeier


Election Committee

Maiju Boenisch

Anne Breiling

Norbert Erdmann

Yann Pfau–Kempf

Alexander Sannemann

Coat of arms of the German Congregation in Finland