The Chapel Council in Turku

The term of office of the present Chapel Council ends in 2022, and a new Chapel Council is appointed for a period of four years. The Chapel Council usually meets six times a year. During these meetings, the congregational work in Turku is planned and larger events are prepared: Services like the one just now for Reformation Day, the Christmas carol singing in the cathedral, excursions like the one we went on to Lieto on Ascension Day.

A second important point is to accompany the work in our afternoon care. Here it is mainly about securing the framework conditions for this work and being the contact person for the staff. A third point is the budget planning for the chapel community, which is discussed in two relatively close meetings in autumn. Apart from these fixed points, there is relatively much room in the chapel council to contribute with own ideas and focal points: The community afternoons now on Advent weekends, for example, are the initiative of members of the chapel council.

  • Statutes for the Chapel Council in Turku


Members of the Chapel Council (2018–2022)

Maiju Boenisch

Oliver Dahlmann

Soili Eppert (deputy)

Norbert Erdmann

Klaus Fischer (deputy)

Almut Meyer (deputy)

Bernd Oldendorff

Alexandra Virtanen